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1st、investment service

1、Policy consulting service 2、business operation consulting service 3、consulting service for industry condition
4、Logistics consulting service 5、consulting service for import and export 6、consulting service for engineering solution
7、law and regulation consulting service

2nd、Registered consultancy service

1、business license registration service 2、application service for the production license 3、application service for import and export license 4、application for foreign exchange trading 5、 application service preferential treatment 6、application service for a variety of accreditation
7、co-ordination service with government relation

3rd、the project construction service

1、project tendering service 2、infrastructure construction service 3、plant construction service

4、business center service 5、facility construction service 6、project supervision service

4th、Plant leasing service

1、leasing service of the standard plant 2、leasing service of build-to-suit plant 3、leasing service of standard manufacturing plant
4、plant cooperation and transfer service 5、Industrial land and transfer the service

5th、Management service (human resources management, production and business support)

1、staff management service 2、logistics support service 3、financing service
4、 information sharing service 5、accounts services    6、the annual examination service 7、tax consulting service    8、consulting service for the import and export 9、legal consultancy service
10、insurance service        11、training and education service        12、human resource service 六、the management service of industrial park (property and the logistical support)

6th、the management service of industrial park (property and the logistical support)

1、the property maintenance service 2、the park security service 3、green cleaning service 4、health care service 5、Entertainment, Culture and Sport Service 6、Ancillary living facilities service

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