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Plainvim international 2015 New year party

日期: 2015-02-10
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On February 7th, Plainvim international held “2014 new year party” in Foshan Plainvim Inn Boutique. All the Plainvim international colleagues gathered were celebrating the Spring Festival, to share the harvest of 2014, with the vision of a bright future for the 2015.

With the music sounded slowly, the host invited the chairman Mr. Mok to make a speech. Firstly Mr. Mok thanks all the colleagues hard to pay in the year 2014, we witness the growth of Plainvim international, in 2015 we full of confidence, believe in the new year of Plainvim international a new movement!

In the past year, the size of the company is gradually expanding, which was not separated from all the members. The host read out the list of outstanding staff of 2014. All the employees of the company also offer the most sincere blessings and warm applause for the outstanding employees.






Each PLainvim brought different forms, let dizzying acting, dancing, singing, poetry recitation, magic, stage drama, you put your heart into which, showing a family feast of joy. These not only bring you laughter also let colleagues closer to each other's heart. The prizes set off the climax of the party. Exciting lottery activities, so that singing, applause, cheers has been in the venue on the waves.



Plainvim international 2014 New Year party ended in the end of song, Shine with great splendor in 2014 passed, full of hope and challenges of the coming 2015. In the past year, we smile, lost, also obtained the harvest, in the face of the 2015, we are full of hope, passion, more big market out there waiting for us to conquer, more spectacular career waiting us to sway the wisdom and ability, let us work together with confidence and courage, prancing to write a more splendid future.


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