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Nansha HongKong CEPA Intelligent Technology Industrial Park has opened

日期: 2015-10-20
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   Plainvim International, HK international science and Technology Park union and Nansha government will build Hongkong Nansha CEPA Intelligent Technology Industrial park together. The project would plan to construct four core intellectual property management and the operation of the system and four public and industrial research platform, covering the CEPA industrialization of science and technology, application of the core technology industry, intelligent technology industrialization and Youth Science and technology enterprises a new industrialization and other key, collection of high-end science and technology industry area, public R & D and test platform, youth business incubator, research stations and headquarters economy hardware and software integration and supporting facilities. In order to create a fusion intelligent building and management, advanced industrial R & D platform, production services, foster technological innovation, introduction and world-class industry of Nansha Hong Kong CEPA wisdom science and Technology Industrial Park development, become a station type (including headquarters economy and cultivate, transfer of technology, design, commercialization, industrialization and advanced manufacturing base) of high-tech industrial park. Grasp the wisdom of science and technology, convenient business opportunities and support between Guangdong and Hong Kong Youth Entrepreneurship, industrial industrialization of science and technology, advanced manufacturing industry base and productive service center, deepen the two real estate research in creativity, research and development, commercialization and industrialization, and cooperation. Focus on promoting the development of electronics, software, communications, environmental protection, energy conservation, precision engineering and medical equipment and other industries, to promote the development of Nansha free trade zone CEPA financial and producer services.


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