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Job responsibilities: to assist the business development of the Industrial Park
(1) responsible for brand marketing, including the development of marketing plan and coordination of the implementation of the Industrial Park marketing plan;
(2) to be responsible for the management and maintenance of public marketing platform (including print media, network media, TV media, etc.);
(3) to be responsible for the development and coordination of sales promotion activities in the implementation of the Industrial Park sales promotion activities;
(4) to follow up, negotiate and coordinate with the industrial park of the key account / key project;
(5) to be responsible for the reception of customers, government and social relations;
(6) to assist in the development of strategies to assist in the preliminary investigation and evaluation of new projects;
(7) to assist the senior leadership in the implementation of the strategy formulation and business strategy of the industrial park project.
Job requirements:
1, education background: marketing, business management or relevant professional bachelor degree or above, fluent in English listening and writing.
2, training experience: received marketing, customer relationship management, project management and other aspects of the training.
3, work experience: 6 years of working experience, more than 3 years of sales, customer relationship management, major project management experience.
4, familiar with the location of the surrounding environment in Shanghai, there is a strong sense of professionalism and challenges, able to adapt to travel;
5, familiar with the industrial real estate, industrial parks and logistics industry chain; Industrial Park merchants and management has a certain experience;
6, there is a certain real estate project development, management, investment related background or large project sales management experience is preferred;
7, have a certain marketing background, understand graphic design and business planning is preferred.

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