Plainvim International (Kunshan) Industrial Park

Plainvim International (Kunshan) Industrial Park

Plainvim International Kunshan Industrial Park is the first modern industrial park of Plainvim in the Yangtze River Delta and located in the National Kunshan Hi-Tech Development Zone. Its tenants includes 30 enterprises from America, Germany, Britain, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and other countries.

North Kunshan · Overall

Plainvim International (Kunshan) Industrial Park is located in the National Kunshan Hi-Tech Development Zone.


Technical Specifications

Building Specification Type A Type B Type C
GFA 4,151sqm 6 , 936 sqm 8,556sqm
Workshop Area 3,567sqm 6 , 364 sqm 7,790sqm
Office Area 584 sqm 572 sqm 766 sqm
Dimensions 88m*42m 95 m * 68 m 85m*93m
Column Grid 9m*21m 9 m * 24 m 9m*24m
Land Area 81,980sqm
GFA 46,805sqm
Building Density 53.5%
Plot Ratio 1.07
Green Ratio 16.2%
Parking Lots 240个
Clear Height 10m
Floor Loading 3t / sqm
Crane Capacity 10 ton
Bracket Height 7m
Fire Resistance Rating Class C , Grade II
Design Element
Park Panorama
Intelligent Management
Autonomous patrol, abnormity warning, security protection and facial recognition
Aerial Drones
Air Patrol, Supervision & Maintenance
Aerial Drones
Supporting Facilities and Services
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    Video Surveillance

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    Fire Drill

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    Rest Area

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City Advantage


· Kunshan covers an area of 931 square kilometers.
· It has a permanent resident population of >2 million.
· Kunshan is the core of the Yangtze River Delta, China's most active economic zone, with an average annual temperature of 16.5 °C, annual rainfall of 1,447mm and annual sunshine of 1,697 hours.
· It has been Forbes China's best county-level city since 2009.
· It has ranked No. 1 in China’s top 100 counties since 2005.
· 2010 United Nations Habitat Environment Award.


Kunshan Hi-Tech Development Zone

· Kunshan Hi-Tech Development Zone was authorized as the first county-level, hi-tech development zone in China in September 2010.
· The GDP of Kunshan Hi-Tech Development Zone was RMB65billion during 2016.

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  • Q:What is the basic stats of Kunshan?
    A: Kunshan lies between Shanghai and Suzhou, covering an area of 921 square km, with a population of about 2.6 million. Its GDP in 2018 reached 387.5 billion yuan, ranking 1st among China's top 100 counties for 14 consecutive years.
  • Q:What is the relationship between Plainvim Kunshan South and Plainvim Kunshan North parks?
    A: They both belong to Plainvim and are brother companies. Plainvim Kunshan North is located in Kunshan National High-tech Industrial Development Zone and was established in 2009, while Plainvim Kunshan South is located in Kunshan Economic and Technical Development Zone and was established in 2017.
  • Q:What are the requirements for tenants?
    A: For single-story plants, the tenants should be foreign-funded manufacturing enterprises that conform with the industrial guiding of Kunshan and have registered companies locally with a certain minimum output and tax. Environmental protection, production process safety and other aspects shall meet the national and local laws and regulations. The environmental protection and safety requirements for multi-story plants can be more relaxed than those of single-story's.
  • Q:What preferential policies can tenants enjoy?
    A: Tenants can enjoy favorable rent, corporate tax rate, project equipment investment subsidies, talent subsidies, etc. We can discuss specifics on a case-by-case basis.
  • Q:What is the minimum leased area? What about the electricity supply?
    A: For single-story plant, the minimum leased unit is half a building (about 4,000 sqm), and the average power distribution per building is 1,000kva. For multi-story plant, the minimum leased area is about 2,000 sqm, and the average electricity capacity is 0.06kva per square meter. Higher capacity of power utilization can be negotiated.
  • Q:What kind of property services do you provide for tenants?
    A: 24-hour security, staff canteen, public area monitoring, cleaning, fire inspection, plants maintenance, property maintenance, etc.
  • Q:What about the municipal facilities around the park? Is there a staff dormitory?
    A: There are large-scale communities within 2 km around Plainvim Kunshan North park. It is only 5 km away from the city center of northern Kunshan, where there are 5-star hotels, large shopping malls and other facilities. There are large-scale residential communities within 4 km of Plainvim Kunshan South park and many 4-star or 5-star hotels and shopping malls near the city center. At present, there is no staff dormitories. The staff can rent residential units or apartments nearby.
  • Q:How is the traffic like around the park? How to get to the park?
    A: Plainvim Kunshan North:
    High-speed rail: about 30 minutes by a taxi to the park after arriving at "Kunshan south station".
    Expressway: It can be reached through Bacheng exit of G1521 Changjia expressway (eastern circle thruway of Suzhou), Zhoushi exit of S48Suzhou-Kuntai expressway (Shanghai-Yixing expressway). The specific details of "Plainvim International Kunshan modern industrial park" (Yuyang road No.299) can be searched on Baidu Map.
    To reach Plainvim Kunshan South,
    High-speed rail: about 15 minutes by a taxi to the park after arriving "Kunshan south station".
    Expressway: It can be reached through both Zhangpu exit and Lujia exit of G2G42 Shanghai-Nanjing expressway. The specific details of "Plainvim Maigao (Kunshan) Europe-America scientific industrial city" (Dujuan road No.555) can be searched on Baidu Map.
  • Q:Is there any requirements for lease term?
    A: The minimum lease terms for standard plants are 5 years. The minimum lease term is 10 years if the plant is to be customized.
  • Q:Do you provide interior decoration services?
    A: We mainly provide standard plant and customized plant, and customers can renovate according to their own requirements. A discussion is required if you want decoration services.
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