Amenities and Initiatives for Artificial Intelligent Manufacturing
  • Preventive Maintenance Operation&&in trial operation
    With aerial drones, robots, and sensors working together, maintenance work orders are automatically issued, through the internet, to system management personnel. Tenants are automatically notified after maintenance work is done, without the need to log a complaint and wait for a response. All releva
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  • Real-Time Speech Translator &&in trial operation
    Improves marketing efficiency, especially for European and American companies.
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  • Unmanned Convenience Store&&in trial operation
    This unmanned store is equipped with close-circuit monitoring system and wireless payment function.
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  • Comprehensive 5G Network Coverage&&in planning
    Provides a good technical foundation for tenants to deploy artificial intelligent manufacturing and unmanned plants.
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  • Industry 4.0 Certification&&in planning
    Jointly awarded by the Hong Kong Productivity Council and Fraunhofer IPT (Germany). Currently, only two listed companies in Hong Kong have obtained the certification. One of the companies, Trio Industrial Electronics (HKEx: 1710), saw its stock price rose by more than 10%, 2 days after the certifica
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  • Autonomous Vertical Parking System&&in planning
    In addition to optimizing land use efficiency and alleviating parking spots shortage, this system should help increase overall rental income for the park. The HK SAR government is also considering setting up 6 autonomous parking garages in Hong Kong. This vertical parking system is equipped with man
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  • Improving the User Interface&&in planning
    There are online and mobile clients, headquarter sides, park sides and administrator sides, which are mainly used for information release, document management, facility booking, visitor management, customer service, etc.
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  • Office Application Module&&in planning
    This module implements the internal control procedures and various business approval processes designed by PricewaterhouseCoopers, and can be utilized on both desktop and mobile platforms. It protects the Company's resources and strengthens Plainvim's internal control.
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  • Smart Logistics System&&in planning
    It is one of the main elements of Industry 4.0: the combination of multiple technologies such as autonomous logistics transportation, QR code/RF positioning, HD video monitoring, remote scheduling and control, etc.
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  • Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction&&in planning
    People, things and workflows are monitored through sensors and the Internet of Things. Electricity consumption is automatically controlled by intelligent systems to conserve energy and reduce emission.
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  • Independent Energy Supply&&in planning
    Ensure a stable supply of electricity to the tenants, and a stable cash flow to Plainvim.
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  • Energy Storage&&in planning
    Energy will be stored during trough period when price is low for use during peak period when price is high. The difference between trough and peak period energy price becomes a source of income to Plainvim.
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  • Autonomous Road Sweeper&&in planning
    Cleaning is done autonomously, on a regular basis, on specific routes, which lower human involvement and personnel related costs.
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  • Wastewater Treatment and Recycling&&in planning
    Promotes the tenants' "Green" image and attract potential tenants who care about the environment.
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  • Backup Power Generators&&in planning
    Sufficient backup power generation system is installed in the park to meet any emergency.
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  • VR and AR Property Preview&&under development
    The company is good at applying PropTech, displaying the park through VR and AR. Online and offline consulting channels are provided to further enhance overall investment efficiency.
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Leading the Standards for Multi-Story Manufacturing Facilities
  • Underground Parking
    Underground Parking
  • Rooftop Parking
    Rooftop Parking
  • Autonomous Logistic Transports
    Autonomous Logistic Transports
  • Direct Lifting Port
    Direct Lifting Port
  • Separate People/Cargo Lift Configuration
    Separate People/Cargo Lift Configuration
  • Centralized Exhaust Duct System
    Centralized Exhaust Duct System