Plainvim International (Zhaoqing New District) Modern Industrial Park

Plainvim International (NANHAI New District) Modern Industrial Park

As the 15th industrial park built by Plainvim, Plainvim International (Zhaoqing New District) Modern Industrial Park is located in Zhaoqing new district, Guangdong province, with a total development area of 1,200mu. Single-story plants, multi-story plants and related supporting facilities are planned. It will be a high-end manufacturing center and China's first-class industrial park.


NANHAI · Overall

Plainvim International (Zhaoqing New District) Modern Industrial Park is strategically located 3km away from the Zhaoqing East High-Speed Train station and close to the exit of the Pearl River Delta Ring Road (G94).

Design Element
Park Panorama
Intelligent Management
Autonomous patrol, abnormity warning, security protection and facial recognition
Aerial Drones
Air Patrol, Supervision & Maintenance
Aerial Drones
Supporting Facilities and Services
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City Advantage

Zhaoqing New Area Introduction

Located in the middle east of the city of Zhaoqing, Guangdong, Zhaoqing New Area  is adjacent to Guangzhou and Foshan. The total planned size of Zhaoqing New Area is up to 115 Square Kilometers,with a core area of 65 Square Kilometers and a population around 600,000. A total size of about 585 square kilometers called Coordination Area is drawn out premeditatedly and scientifically in the hope of supporting and working closely with the development pace of Zhaoqing New Area in the fields of ecological protection, urban and rural construction, industrial development, and municipal traffic infrastructure construction, etc.
· National low-carbon and green growth demonstration area
· An ideal healthy and livable city in the Pearl River Delta region
· An administrative, cultural and commercial center for Zhaoqing

Park News
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  • Q:What's the planned area of the park?
    A: The planned area of the park is 1,200MU (about 799,000 sqm)
  • Q:What's the ceiling height and load-bearing of the plant?
    A: The story height of production area: 11m, the story height of office area: 5m; The ground load-bearing of production area: 3t/sqm, the ground load-bearing of office area: 0.3t/sqm.
  • Q:What's the green area of industrial plants?
    A: 24,114 sqm
  • Q:What's the area of industrial plants?
    A: 102,717.97 sqm
  • Q:What are the building density, plot ratio and greening rate of the park?
    A: 1. Building density: 58.53%
    2. Plot ratio: 1.69
    3. Greening rate: 15.09%
  • Q:What's the classification of plants? Can the plant be customized?
    A: There are single-story and multi-story plants, which can be customized by enterprise's requirement.
  • Q:What are the regional advantages of the park?
    A: Plainvim international (Zhaoqing new district) modern industrial park is located in Zhaoqing new district, which is in the throat of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area connecting the ASEAN Economic Zone and the southwest. The new district covers the entire three-dimensional transportation system and presents the advantages of convenient public travel and logistics distribution. Plainvim international (Zhaoqing new district) modern industrial park is 3km away from Zhaoqing high-speed railway station, close to the Pearl River Delta Ring Expressway (G94) with convenient transportation.
  • Q:Please explain the transportation network and infrastructure of Zhaoqing new district.
    A: Zhaoqing new district is situated in the intersection of "three economic zone", incorporated with Greater Bay Area on the east, connected to Great Southwest on the west and adjacent to ASEAN. The Xijiang River, a "golden waterway" that connects southern and southwestern China runs through the whole district. It has two major air harbors and the first port of Zhaoqing New Port in the Pearl River, six interconnected rails in Pearl River west high-speed rail hub of Zhaoqing east station, five expressways connecting the core cities of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and one eastward avenue connecting the five functional themes of Duanzhou, Dinghu, Zhaoqing new district, Sihui city and Zhaoqing hi-tech district to form the traffic circle of "half hour" in Guangfozhao and "one hour" in the Greater Bay Area, becoming a hub city with excellent intermodal conditions of the "air, rail, water and land" of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.
  • Q:Please list the major airports nearby and their distance from the park.
    A: 45 minutes to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, 30 minutes to Pearl River Delta Shinkansen Airport.
  • Q:What are the supporting facilities around the park?
    A: Xijiang Bright Pearl Tower, sports center in Zhaoqing new area, Zhaoqing East Railway Station, Zhaoqing new area wetland landscape business hotel, Zhaoqing Affiliated School of Beijing Normal University, Zhaoqing hospital of PKUCare Rehabilitation Hospital, the third affiliated hospital (Zhaoqing hospital) of Sun Yat-sen University, Zhaoqing new district business center.
  • Q:What's the tax policy of Zhaoqing?
    A: 1. The tax exemption and tax reimbursement shall be granted to the accredited foreign-funded R&D center for importing and purchasing home equipment.
    2. The tax exemption shall be granted to the provided technological service for foreign-invested enterprise.
    3. A preferential income tax policy for advanced technology service enterprises will be implemented.
  • Q:What are the premises of enjoying the "one policy for one project" policy?
    A: The World Top 500 enterprises and the leading enterprises in the global industry have set up a new foreign-funded R&D institution with independent legal personality in Guangdong shall enjoy the key support according to "one policy for one project" way.
  • Q:Can the foreign enterprises enjoy preferential income tax policies if their registered capital is not in place?
    A: On the basis of "Notice of the State Administration of Taxation on Issues Concerning the Tax Treatment of Corporate Income Tax for Foreign Investment Enterprises' Foreign Investment Is Not in Place" (Issued by the State Administration of Taxation [1999] No.60): the foreign-invested enterprises that have invested capital but not reached 25% of the capital already in place by the parties to the enterprise's investment shall not be entitled to preferential tax treatment for income tax on foreign-invested enterprises.
  • Q:Can newly established domestic enterprises apply for foreign trade management rights?
    A: Yes, they can.
    1. Loading the website of Ministry of Commerce http://www.mofcom.gov.cn to fill in the "registration form for the record of foreign trade managers", which is printed in duplicate and its legal representative should sign and stamp the seal of the organization.
    2. The copy of "business license".
    3. The copy of "organization code certificate".
  • Q:How can foreign enterprises operate in China?
    A: In order to engage in production and business activities in China, foreign enterprises must obtain legal business certificate (business registration certificate and registration certificate) and their notarization or certification, bank credit certificate (less than 7 digits) and other information before they can invest in China to a foreign company.
  • Q:How to handle the application procedures of government departments?
    A: 1. To assist enterprises in reflecting the problems faced by the enterprises to the government;
    2. To assist enterprises in handling the relationship with various government departments;
    3. To assist enterprises in handling various formalities involving the government;
    4. To provide daily consultation service for enterprises.
  • Q:What are the educational facilities nearby?
    A: Zhaoqing Affiliated School of Beijing Normal University, Zhaoqing Medical College, Dinghu Middle School, etc.
  • Q:Please list the main waterways around the park and explain its transport capacity.
    A: Only 9 minutes to the Zhaoqing new port of 500-ton berth, large container ships can reach Guangzhou in 2 hours and Hong Kong in 4 hours.
  • Q:How is security managed at the staff dormitory?
    A: 1. The fixed on-duty persons are arranged in the doorway of Plainvim industrial park, TV monitor or fixed security guards are set up at the outer wall.
    2. TV monitor or mobile patrol is set up in the interior of dormitory;
    3. Safeguards are arranged at the door of dormitory buildings.
  • Q:How can foreign enterprises enjoy preferential tax policies?
    A: According to the relevant provisions of the "Income Tax Law of the People's Republic of China for Enterprises with Foreign Investment and Foreign Enterprises" and its implementation rules and the "Interim Provisions of the State Council of the People's Republic of China on Preferences for the Construction of Ports and Piers with Chinese and Foreign Joint Investment", foreign-invested enterprises with over 15-years engaged in port and pier construction may enjoy the tax preference of 5 years' tax exemption and 5 years' halving of enterprise income tax from the beginning of the profit-making year through applying to the competent tax department and approved by the provincial tax authority, Any enterprises that have entered the profitable year but not applied for the relevant preferential tax policies is deemed to give up. It is not allowed to re-submit the relevant procedures and only enjoy the remaining preferential tax policies. The above provisions are also available to the productive foreign-invested enterprises with a business period of more than 10 years that enjoy the tax preference of 2 years' tax exemption and 3 years' halving of enterprise income tax, and foreign-invested enterprises engaged in energy and transportation infrastructure construction projects that need to apply for a 15% reduction in corporate income tax. Therefore, if the company fails to file the application of tax preference last year, which shall be deemed abandoned and couldn't apply any more, the tax supplements are needed. However, the company can go to the competent tax department to handle the tax preferential procedures for the remaining period starting from this year.
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