Plainvim International (Taicang) Industrial Park

Plainvim International (Taicang) Industrial Park

Plainvim International (Taicang) Industrial Park is Plainvim's 5th modern industrial park in the Yangtze River Delta. It is located in Shaxi county, Taicang city, only 500 meters away from the exit of S48 expressway. High-quality single/multi-story plants, research & development buildings are available.

Taicang · Overall

Located in Shaxi, Taicang City, next to the exit of S48/S9 Suzhou-Kuntai Expressway.


Technical Specifications

Description Concrete framed structure
GFA of each floor 2.600㎡
Dimension 57mx46m
Column spacing 8mx9m
Ceiling height 1F: 7.9m, 2F、3F、4F: 4.5m
Floor loading 1F: 2t/㎡, 2F、3F、4F: 1t/㎡
Crane capacity 5 ton(1F only)
Bracket height 5.5 m(1F only)
Freight elevator 5 sets
Passenger elevator 3 sets
Fireproofing level Class C, Ranking II
Firefighting devices Fire Hydrant, Extinguishers
-1F Car Parking Space(64)
Description single-storey steel framed building
GFA 8,335㎡
Workshop 7,563㎡
Office 772㎡
Dimension 104.5m x 76.8m
Column spacing 9m x 24m
Ceiling height workshop: 10m,office: 4.2m
Floor workshop: 3t/㎡,offce: 0.3t/㎡
Crane capacity 10 ton
Bracket elevation 7.0m
Fireproofing level Class C, Ranking II
Firefighting devices Fire Hydrant, Fire Extinguishers, Automatic Fire alarm system
Design Element
Park Panorama
Intelligent Management
Autonomous patrol, abnormity warning, security protection and facial recognition
Aerial Drones
Air Patrol, and Supervision & Maintenance
Aerial Drones
Supporting Facilities and Services
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    Video Surveillance

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    Fire Drill

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    Rest Area

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City Advantage


·It covers an area of 823 square kilometers with >1 million inhabitants;
·Ranked 4th among Top 100 Counties in China since 2013;
·A new port city close to the mouth of the Yangtze River.



·National Hygiene City
·National Model City of Environmental Protection
·National Model City of Comprehensive Social Security Management
·National Tourism City
·National Landscape Garden City
·National Eco-friendly City, + other honors...

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  • Q:What value-added services will you provide to the tenants?
    A: We will help tenants in company registration, renovation and communicating with relevant government departments.
  • Q:Will local government provide preferential policies to your tenants?
    A: The government will provide supportive industrial policies. Relevant preferential policies will be provided according to the tenant's investment scale, industry, output value and tax contribution.
  • Q:How long is the lease term of the plant?
    A: The normal lease term is 5 years, and tenants have lease renewal priority under the same conditions.
  • Q:What are the property management services provided by your company?
    A: Services include 24-hour security, cleaning and greening of public areas, maintenance of public facilities and normal maintenance of plant.
  • Q:Can the plant be subleased?
    A: No. Sublease requires our written consent.
  • Q:Are there any restaurants in the park?
    A: The park is equipped with a non-profit restaurant exclusively for the employees of our tenants.
  • Q:Do you have proper land certificate and property ownership certificate?
    A: Yes, we do. Our tenant group is high-end manufacturing companies, and proper certificates and licenses and legal operation are basic commitments we provide.
  • Q:How is the drainage system in the park?
    A: Rainwater pipes and sewage pipes are separated. The park is equipped with professional water quality monitoring equipment to ensure that sewage is discharge in accordance with local standards.
  • Q:What is the fire safety condition in the park?
    A: All the plants achieve Class III-2 fire protection level and are equipped with fire protection linkage system. Property management department has a sound fire emergency plan, and would regularly organize fire drills to provide reliable security to tenants.
  • Q:What are the charges for water and electricity in the park?
    A: The electric charge and water charge are settled directly with power supply company and water supply company. We do not charge any extra fees.
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